Jim Campbell. Copyright: Ed Moore.

Jim Campbell shares his anger management secrets

Known for his gag a minute stand-up, comedian Jim Campbell's latest show Beef confronts his family curse. The show is a fast-paced and bold attempt to overcome overthinking, anxiety and find self-acceptance through humour.

When's the last time you cried?

I'm a bit of a weirdo in that I don't cry very often. I've never even cried at a movie, though Toy Story 3 pushed me close; as does watching my parents try to use their sat nav.

A hangover made me cry recently. I was so violently ill that at one point I had full body pins and needles and thought I was going to die. There were tears streaming down my face after that, but they had to be physically wrenched out of me by the force of my own bad decisions.

Jim Campbell. Copyright: Ed Moore.

... Last time you flew off the handle?

I dropped my last contact lens onto a sheet of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is not an ideal surface when looking for a contact lens, it turns out. This in turn made me late for an intervention, which is a terrible look. That was an intense day.

Any coping strategies for anxiety or anger management that you'd like to share with our readers?

De-ice the freezer with a big knife. Honestly, it's the absolute best. If you really let it build up, you can hack away at it like a maniac for ages and it's really satisfying when it all comes away. Put the ice into a bowl as you hack it off, then watch with satisfaction as it, and your troubles, melt away into a lake of calm.

Describe your show in five words...

Curses, murder, daydreams and dogs.

In Beef, you talk about being a descendent of the Campbell Clan (the stars of the Glencoe Massacre). There's also the story that the infamous Game Of Thrones Red Wedding scene is based on said massacre. Which Game Of Thrones character do you most identify with?

I guess the characters who are based on my ancestors would be the Freys, which is pretty awful. Maybe Ned Stark, because I try to do what I think is right, then everyone seems upset with me and I end up losing my head.