2019 Edinburgh Fringe

Daniel Kitson: Shenanigan

  • Comedy
  • 10:35pm (60 mins)
  • 4-5, 7-8, 10-12, 14-15 & 17-18 Aug 2019
  • Summerhall
  • £8
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26: Summerhall

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On most Tuesdays, I go to a café before football for lunch with my friends Tim and Isy. Last week, the café had a really appealing special on the board which involved roasted cauliflower, pickled cabbage and babaganoush. The lady behind the counter referred to it as "The Shenanigan".

Which I very much enjoyed.

This show will have absolutely nothing to do with that meal, that lady, that café, those friends, playing football or Tuesdays but I have to call it something otherwise they can't put it in the system.

Something new, vaguely experimental, unfinished and frankly, quite unlikely to ever be finished, by Daniel Kitson.

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Show is listed as possibly lasting up to 90 minutes long.


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Date Time Venue
4th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
5th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
7th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
8th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
10th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
11th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
12th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
14th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
15th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
17th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall
18th Aug 2019 22:35 Summerhall

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