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Google: Amanda Jane Dildo. Amanda Jane Pritchard.

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Music starring Amanda Jane Pritchard performed on the following days in August 2019...

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Sexy(ish), musical(ish), bipolar(ish) - no, she's definitely bipolar (with jazz hands) - Australian sex-pot singing comedian is 'f*cking nuts - non-stop brilliance - a must see' (Tanya, Audience review). 'Amanda isn't afraid of the dark corners. In fact, she tickles it until we all piss ourselves laughing!' (Nick, Audience review). 'OMFG!! This bitch is nuts... I could not stop laughing. Nonstop brilliance, a must-see!' (Terri, Audience review). 'This is one funny lady... Amanda is the female answer to Kevin bloody Wilson... very funny, hilarious songs' (Sally, Audience review). Featuring the amazing Josh Shield on guitar.

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Person Role
Amanda Jane Pritchard Self
Josh Shield Composer

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