All In The Timing

All In The Timing. David Ives.

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  • 5 Aug, 5:15pm
  • 6 Aug, 3:15pm
  • 7 Aug, 9:15am

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295: Underbelly Central Hall
Room: Auditorium

Get ready for word-bending, thought-provoking, side-splitting comedy. Whether exploring the minefields of modern relationships, looking at how a post-modern composer might go shopping, or wondering whether three chimps with typewriters really could write Hamlet, David Ives' one-acts will keep you thinking - and laughing. 'Like sketches for some hilarious, celestially conceived revue. The writing is not only very funny, it has density of thought and precision of poetry... All in the Timing is by a master of fun. David Ives spins hilarity out of words' (New York Times, for Primary Stages' 2013 Off-Broadway production).

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