Samantha Hannah: How To Find A Husband In A Year

  • Stand-up / Storytelling
  • 11:30am (1 hour)
  • 23-26 Aug 2018
  • The Free Sisters (Maggie's Chamber)
  • Free
Samantha Hannah: How To Find A Husband In A Year. Samantha Hannah.

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Stand-up show / storytelling starring Samantha Hannah performed on the following days in August 2018...

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272: The Free Sisters
Room: Maggie's Chamber

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This show was not listed in the official Fringe programme so you may not find details elsewhere.

Is there a right time to get married? Apparently yes, there is! Based on maths, the ideal age is 26. Don't panic if you have missed that proverbial boat. 32 year old Scottish Comedian Samantha Hannah did exactly that and then had the most wonderful idea. Not just any idea but a S.M.A.R.T idea too. She would set off to look for a husband in a year (while travelling the world and doing other fun stuff too). Thanks to algorithms and cold hard data (and also.. Tinder) Samantha met her perfect match over 12000 miles away. What happens next... is pretty bonkers really. Come and see why in this fresh new stand up show: a completely true love story to rival even the most ridiculous of romcoms!

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