Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette.

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Play starring Will Seaward, Jonathan Ashby-Rock, Sullivan Brown, Kara Taylor Alberts, Dominic Allen, James Carney, Laura Hannawin and Rosie Nicholls performed on the following days in August 2018...

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Ahh, Russia! Home of words! Home of books and plays! Home of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekov, Brezhnev, Gogol! Russian literature is the finest in the world. Gambling devices are also excellent! In this show, we combine Russian literature with gambling devices! Hurray! Roll a five, someone gets cholera! Land on red and communism happens! Roll a seven and Anna Karenina turns into a balalaika! Roll a one for the KGB! Comedian Will Seaward and actors Sullivan Brown and Jonathan Ashby-Rock present this show which puts dice back in Dicetoyevsky and the bookie back in Russian books!

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Person Role
Will Seaward Actor
Sullivan Brown Actor
Jonathan Ashby-Rock Actor
Kara Taylor Alberts Actor
Dominic Allen Actor
James Carney Actor
Laura Hannawin Actor
Rosie Nicholls Actor
Jonathan Ashby-Rock Producer
Philip Ryder Producer