Twonkey's Night Train To Liechtenstein

Twonkey's Night Train To Liechtenstein. Paul Vickers.

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Character starring Paul Vickers that was performed at Heroes @ Dragonfly at 6pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2018.


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Heroes @ Dragonfly (Venue 414)

Heroes @ Dragonfly


This show is free to watch (there may be a donations bucket at the end). There are no tickets, so for popular shows you should arrive early to ensure entry.

2016 Malcolm Hardee award winner for Comic Originality - dare you board the Twonkeyverse? A fancy new adventure featuring a tiny Al Capone, a mysterious package and a sexual dance that leads us off a cliff. We travel to the belly button of Europe to unlock a safety deposit box. Why is Mr Trombone so sad and what's it like to work as a gigolo? 'A crazy, wonderful performer' **** (Kate Copstick, Scotsman). 'The plan is written on a teapot' **** ( 'An hour of utter chaos sit back and enjoy the ride' **** ( 2018 Recommended

Paul Vickers' alter-ego is still brilliantly bizarre, but this year's show is actually pretty darn coherent, with some corking songs. The former indie-rocker and his cohorts create some genuinely interesting music and effects to soundtrack Twonkey's emotional journey.

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This show was nominated in The Comedy Poster Awards 2018