Image shows from L to R: Henry Lidford, Con Best.

A 19-year old performer's first Fringe

Harry Lidford, 19-year old co-writer and co-star of comedy play Squeeze Harder, Zanni!, tells us about arriving at his first Fringe with creative companion Con Best.

Our initial thought before we entered the Fringe was it was going to be difficult, given the competition and the overwhelming amount of people we would have to talk to.

However upon arriving in the environment of the festival, we found it still to be difficult, but not impossible. By giving out comp tickets and a lot of flyers we've managed to have at least some audience, aside from one day (but we were not the first performance to have this happen).

We were also expecting to have to get up early every day. We thought that given the competition on the streets, more time equals more people spoken to. On the contrary, we quickly changed our minds as there was a constant flow of people through all hours; so we decided getting up at 11:00am was quite enough.

As average teenage boys, we were also hoping to go out drinking every night, whether in celebration of a good show or just for fun. We haven't been out that frequently yet but there are still two weeks left.

Lastly, we weren't expecting to have to 'break into' our accommodation at midnight, but we couldn't have been more wrong as our landlady left her key in the inside of the lock and we couldn't open it. Using our initiative and a lot of duct tape, we fashioned a hook to knock the key out of the lock and through the letter box. It was possibly the best idea we've ever had - besides our show.

Squeeze Harder, Zanni! is on until 28th August at 8:45pm, at C primo.