Venue 93: The Newsroom

Shows at this venue in 2016

Puppet Fiction.

Puppet Fiction

  • Free
  • 3-7, 9-14, 16-21 & 23-28 Aug 2016

Everybody be cool, this is a mother*cking puppet show! The ultimate Tarantino homage, this is Pulp Fiction with strings attached....   Full listing

Bob Blackman's Tray.

Bob Blackman's Tray

  • Free
  • 14-20 & 22-27 Aug 2016

Join Bob Blackman's Tray for a series of jokes, local characters and paper plates. 'Unfashionably dressed' (Skinny). 'The funniest men...   Full listing

Amazing (Probably). Sid Singh.

Amazing (Probably)

  • Stand-up / improv
  • Free
  • 3-29 Aug 2016

Sid's the best comic you haven't heard of, which is saying a lot, because you haven't heard of a lot...   Full listing

Flo & Joan: Victory Flaps.

Flo & Joan: Victory Flaps

  • Music
  • Free
  • 4-21 Aug 2016

'The tightest, smartest musical comedy show I've ever seen' ( Victory Flaps is the brand new show from British musical...   Full listing

Beach Hunks: Very Handsome.

Beach Hunks: Very Handsome

  • Sketch show
  • Free
  • 4-18 Aug 2016

Stupid, sad sketches from strange, svelte strongmen. Big, kind sketch gang Beach Hunks present their debut hour of crushingly absurd...   Full listing