Venue 29: Paradise in the Vault


Paradise Green's purpose-built venue in the vaulted basements of Augustine United Church hosts an exciting programme of theatre and comedy for all tastes, from classics to new and experimental work. Soak up the true spirit of the Fringe.

Shows at this venue in 2016



  • Play
  • 5.50
  • 15-20 Aug 2016

A combination of quirky comedy, live music, surrealism and physical theatre, with an interactive set and the odd dance thrown...   Full listing

The Glummer Twins.

The Glummer Twins

  • 8
  • 22-28 Aug 2016

Stand-up poetry from the beat generation. Thirty years after they first appeared together with the legendary Circus of Poets, David...   Full listing

A Fête Worse Than Death.

A Fête Worse Than Death

  • Play
  • 6
  • 5-13, 15-20 & 22-28 Aug 2016

Welcome to the village fête in Llanfairchwaraesboncen, nestled in the South Wales Valleys. Join your host, 76-year-old village busybody Eirys...   Full listing



  • Play
  • 8
  • 6-13 & 15-20 Aug 2016

The meaning of life? Erm... To get as many likes on a profile picture as possible? Withdrawn and Chips are...   Full listing

Discretion Guaranteed.

Discretion Guaranteed

  • 12
  • 6-13, 15-20 & 22-28 Aug 2016

Discretion Guaranteed is a raging satire of working life characterised by a hybrid physical style and powered by an ensemble...   Full listing