2016 Edinburgh Fringe

Lewis Schaffer: You Are Beautiful

  • Comedy (stand-up)
  • 60 mins
  • £10
Lewis Schaffer: You Are Beautiful. Lewis Schaffer
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The same show as last year - but what do you care? You never saw it. The New York comic takes the audience on an exhilarating journey with a hilarious, uplifting and altogether surprising conclusion. 'The strangest finale I could have possibly imagined' according to one reviewer. 'Amazing and brilliant' ***** (Scotsman). 'Genius' (Stewart Lee). 'Genuinely liberating' (FringeGuru.com).

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Press articles

Defining the Norm winners announced

Will Franken reveals the winners of the first-ever Defining the Norm Awards.

Will Franken, Spiked, 31st August 2016

Ten most controversial acts at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Comedy on TV and in the clubs is safe and inoffensive. Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe is no different, because most of the shows don't exist for your benefit. They're being staged in the hopes of grabbing the attention of industry bigwigs and broadcasters. So, it makes sense to be as bland and agreeable as possible, because that's what the real target audience - i.e. people who can help your showbiz career - seem to be looking for. However, not everyone at the Fringe is pandering. Not everyone is desperate to be liked and accepted. And provocative performers haven't gone extinct just yet. If you want politically incorrect jokes, to be taken out of your comfort zone, or to hear someone challenge social orthodoxies, then here's ten acts I'd recommend you go and see at Edinburgh Fringe 2016. If you're a bit of a pussy, though, then best avoid all of these.

Jay Islaam, The Huffington Post, 9th August 2016

Arthur Smith and his socks and a duck jockstrap gift

"Are you doing your traditional late-night tour of the Royal Mile?" I asked comedian and national treasure Arthur Smith yesterday, beside his new exhibition of socks. "Yes," Arthur told me. "And I will be introducing the13ft Norwegian giantess Jadwiga."

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 6th August 2016

The venue that doesn't know where its own entrance is

Yesterday, still zonked from my trip up to Edinburgh and not enlivened by six Red Bull drinks, I met Julie-Ann Laidlaw of Blond Ambition, who wanted me to plug her Vive La Variété show for the Cabaret vs Cancer charity this coming Sunday.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 3rd August 2016

50 must-see comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe (Link expired)

Here at WOW 247 we've pooled together our comedy brains to pick out a whopping 50 shows we think make a good starting point for any Fringe adventurer.

Matthew Dunne-Miles, Finlay Greig and Craig Leiper, WOW247, 2nd August 2016

3 ways to publicise a show without using a PR person

From Lewis Schaffer, Ellis & Rose and Louise Reay.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 29th July 2016

Lewis Schaffer: 'Do I have to talk about the show?'

Lewis Schaffer is grumpy. The London based New Yorker would return to the states if only someone would pay for him to go. In a 15 minute chat with Martin Walker he explains why his new show is not new at all.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 10th June 2016

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