2016 Edinburgh Fringe

Stewart Lee's Edinburgh Fringe 2016 tips

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. Stewart Lee. Copyright: BBC

Each year, via his newsletter, Stewart Lee makes a number of suggestions for Edinburgh Fringe shows you should go and see. Given the comedian's own show - Content Provider - is already sold out this list may be particularly useful this year.

Here's who he recommended in his newsletter this year, saying "here's eighteen tips of things likely to be better than me."

11am: Bridget Christie (the duchess of stand-up)

11.30am: Derevo - Once (physical euro-theatre)

12pm: Daniel Kitson (the arch-duke of stand-up)

3.15pm: Grainne Maguire (politico-personal stand-up)

3:40pm: Andy Zaltzman (stand-up from the red clown)

4pm: Simon Munnery (Redondan king of comedy)

5.30pm: Josie Long (the Angela Mason of stand-up)

5.45pm: Kunt & The Gang (childish swearing sex comedy)

6.45pm: Simon Munnery 30 Not Out (22nd) (go pay homage)

7pm: Colin Hoult (character comedy)

7pm: Richard Dawson (18th only) (mind-fuck avant-folk)

7.30pm: David O'Doherty (v low energy musical whimsy)

8pm: Nish Kumar (stand-up) HIS TIME IS NOW!!

8pm: Dick Gaughan (SNP folk) (23rd only)

8.15pm: Blueswater (blues-based edu-tainment)

10.10pm: Christeene (sick gay disco dry-ice art wank)

10pm: Mouse by D Kitson (comedic ur-theatre)

10.35pm: Will Franken (trans-gender reactionary comedy)

Stewart Lee adds: "Remember, it is best wherever possible to avoid UNDERBELLY, PLEASANCE, & ASSEMBLY, and favour Stand, Free Fringe variants, Blundabus, Summerhall and others, as big venues are loss-making traps for acts and in hock to big agencies/production companies and PR spin-bullshit. Run by a cabal of English upper class twits, they should only be patronised as a last resort if the stuff on at them is culturally essential or requires your financial and/or moral support."

Published: Friday 29th July 2016

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