Doctor in the House

  • Stand-up / Cabaret
  • 8:10pm (75 mins)
  • 4-9 & 11-14 Aug 2016
  • Spotlites
  • 10
Ahmed Kazmi.

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Stand-up show / cabaret starring Ahmed Kazmi.

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Spend an intimate evening of insightful and intelligent comedy with this British doctor. After leaving England for the brighter shores of Australia, Dr Ahmed returns to share some of the comical aspects of being a modern day GP. With sections including Why I Left the NHS and The Lighter Side of Dying, this promises to be an enjoyable evening for healthcare workers and patients alike. Performing to sell-out shows down under, be sure to book early. Don't miss your appointment with this doctor, he will have you in stitches.

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Full press release

A British GP, who left England for the sunnier shores of Australia, has returned to the UK to make a very important house visit. After debuting his stand-up comedy show Doctor in the House to sell out Australian audiences and positive reviews earlier in the year, he is excited to bring the experience to the UK. With a successful run at Brighton Fringe, he now has his stethoscope poised for Edinburgh. All profits from the UK shows will go to Macmillan Cancer Support to support their work.

Dr Ahmed Kazmi, affectionately called Doctor Ahmed, is a British doctor from Warwickshire who has made Australia his adopted home. He loves his job as a general practitioner and his main medical interests are dermatology and family planning. After losing his father to cancer last year, Doctor Ahmed took to comedy to manage his grief (not before a brief unsuccessful venture in pole dancing). He has drawn on his experiences of being a family doctor to create this unusual and clever how, which focuses on the funny side of being a modern day GP and the humorous goings on of a doctor's surgery.

There are more serious subtexts to the show too, including cancer awareness and bereavement. Doctor Ahmed uses a song or two to weave amusing anecdotes with positive health messages to create a truly original and memorable show.

"Hilariously funny, disarmingly honest, intelligent and surprising" (Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers)

Doctor in the House provides a rare insight into the workings of a doctor's mind and allows the audience to experience the consultation from a doctor's perspective.

"Funny stories which anyone who's ever been to see a doctor can appreciate" (Fleur Bainger, Perth Now).

Doctor Ahmed promises no trip to the doctor will be the same! Furthermore with all of the recent tensions in the media regarding junior doctor contracts and NHS reforms, Doctor Ahmed says, "healthcare workers and the public have both earned a much needed laugh."

"Great Show! Amazing voice!" (Tom Dougherty, The Advertiser)

Doctor Ahmed is very happy to collaborate with Macmillan Cancer Support on this venture and hopes to raise as much as possible through ticket sales and donations. Those not able to attend the show are still able to support the fund-raising efforts by donating through his justgiving page