The Terrible Tale of the Twiddly Widdlies

The Terrible Tale of the Twiddly Widdlies.

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Theatre starring Clem Garritty and Ollie Jones performed on the following days in August 2015...

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Entangle yourself deep within the dingy town of Lagging Gallows in the company of two narrators whose bandaged faces act as screens for eye-popping, innovative projection. Join the mayhem and feast on a meaty slice of bonkers and blood thirsty poetry. Created and performed by two members of critically acclaimed, multi award winners Kill The Beast (The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, He Had Hairy Hands), The Terrible Tale of the Twiddly Widdlies promises to lure you down a dark and dangerous garden path to wrack and ruin.

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Person Role
Clem Garritty Self
Ollie Jones Self