2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Lynn Ruth Miller: Get a Grip

  • Cabaret (60 minutes)
Lynn Ruth Miller: Get a Grip. Lynn Ruth Miller

Fear is the ultimate fantasy. Lynn Ruth Miller is 81 years old. She's lived a lot and nearly died a few times too. She's faced massive fears and fought a churning tummy and grinding teeth. This celebrated 2013 TO&ST award winner, and 2014 Dave's Comedy Festival Liberty Award winner, guides us through eight decades of triumphs and failures, wit and wisdom and the faith in the impossible that kept her from jumping. 'Miller cranks up the limelight and turns on the mirrorball' (Guardian).



Date Time Venue
5th Aug 18.00 C Nova
6th Aug 18.00 C Nova
7th Aug 18.00 C Nova
8th Aug 18.00 C Nova
9th Aug 18.00 C Nova
10th Aug 18.00 C Nova
11th Aug 18.00 C Nova
12th Aug 18.00 C Nova
13th Aug 18.00 C Nova
14th Aug 18.00 C Nova
15th Aug 18.00 C Nova
16th Aug 18.00 C Nova
17th Aug 18.00 C Nova
18th Aug 18.00 C Nova
19th Aug 18.00 C Nova
20th Aug 18.00 C Nova
21st Aug 18.00 C Nova
22nd Aug 18.00 C Nova
23rd Aug 18.00 C Nova
24th Aug 18.00 C Nova
25th Aug 18.00 C Nova
26th Aug 18.00 C Nova
27th Aug 18.00 C Nova
28th Aug 18.00 C Nova
29th Aug 18.00 C Nova
30th Aug 18.00 C Nova
31st Aug 18.00 C Nova


Press articles

When is a cunning stunt not cunning?

One agent/promoter was telling me he had a stunt to publicise one of his acts which he reckoned was going to put all the traffic in Edinburgh into gridlock and he was trying to persuade me this would be worthy of an increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award nomination. But this would be more likely to get the act thrown out of their venue, him prosecuted and the show loathed by locals rather than an award nomination.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 21st August 2015

"If the street is clean, your show is a failure."

Yesterday morning started with me sitting in Fringe Central and 82-year-old Lynn Ruth Miller coming up to me.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 21st August 2015

The unavoidable Lewis Schaffer & the African President

Yesterday, I was talking to critic Kate Copstick and I think we came to the conclusion that, this year at the Edinburgh Fringe, there is no one 'hot' act whom everyone is talking about.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 17th August 2015

Fringe 2015: the old ones are the best

The Edinburgh Fringe is often seen as the preserve of young, up-and-coming acts. But Holly Williams meets some of the performers who are daring to defy that trend.

Holly Williams, The Independent, 5th August 2015

The voices of experience

They might not make all those clickbait lists of "not to be missed" performers, but one of the joys of the Fringe is seeing the old hands who have seen it, done it, and keep doing it for the love of the game.

Robert James Peacock, TV Bomb, 4th August 2015

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