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Free Gaza!

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20: Assembly Rooms

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Comedians Daniel Kitson, Mark Steel, Mark Thomas and Ivor Dembina join forces to raise money for IMET2000, a charity bringing front-line medical relief to victims of last year's bombing of Gaza. A one-off show for a humanitarian cause and a reminder about these Palestinians still living under political, economic and military siege.

More about the charity IMET 2000 at www.imet2000.org

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Press articles

Kate Copstick: not all awards are quite what they seem (Link expired)

Includes Free Gaza! and Adrienne Truscott.

Kate Copstick, WOW247, 10th August 2015

Ivor Dembina interview

Martin Walker was so blown away by Ivor Dembina's 2014 Edinburgh Fringe offering, 'Old Jewish Jokes' that he handed it a five star review. The show garnered critical across the board and audiences, by and large, loved it. This year he's reprising Old Jewish Jokes as well as offering a follow-up, New Jewish Jokes and organising a very special event with Daniel Kitson, Mark Steel and Mark Thomas - Free Gaza!

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 23rd July 2015


Date Time Venue
16th Aug 2015 15:30 Assembly Rooms

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