2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Chris Stokes answers 10 Edinburgh Fringe Questions

Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes answers our questions ahead of his third Fringe.

1. Tell us about your career so far. Are you happy with where you're at?

I entered the Chortle Student Comedy Awards in 2007 because it was my final year (and therefore final chance to) so my hand was forced by the looming end of my degree. Otherwise I might have still been dithering about whether or not to do it now. Since then I've done two of the new act showcases at the Fringe (Pleasance Comedy Reserve in 2009 and Big Value in 2010) and brought 2 solo shows up (this year is my third). Outside of the Fringe I've worked consistently on the club circuit and got to support some great acts on tour. So I'm alright with it.

2. Describe your show in exactly 23 words.

It's a look at love, crisis, recovery and human nature via a story of divorce and a seagull, but it's a funny look.

3. Why are you putting yourself through this famously stressful experience?

It may be stressful but it can also be just as rewarding. The show that made you want to take it up to the Fringe gets to be let out and stretch its legs.

4. Any cunning plans to get more punters in?

I thought I might try to do a good show, but it might be easier to do some flyering dressed as a chicken leg or something.

5. How much money do you think you'll lose/make this year?

I don't really know, but this year I've decided to buy scratchcards so I'll probably make like a hundred grand.

6. What's your weirdest past Fringe experience?

Beginning a non-flattering story about somebody I hadn't seen in over 10 years only to find out too late they were in the audience.

7. What other shows are you hoping to see?

Milo McCabe's show this year is something else and I'm really hoping to catch Michael J Dolan, Peter Brush, Fern Brady and Lou Sanders.

8. If you took over programming a venue, what would you perfect line-up of comedians be?

Louis CK, Daniel Kitson, Milton Jones and Maria Bamford.

9. Name the one person you'd rather not bump into during the festival.

If it's at all possible to avoid him, I'd rather not run into the dentist who shot Cecil the Lion. He'd ask what my problem was and I'd have to tell him and it would get awkward.

10. Why should audiences pick your show over the 1,700+ other comedy offerings at this year's festival?

Because it is very likely the only show at the Fringe which contains the phrase, "Aggressively eating a Magnum ice cream."

'Chris Stokes: Altruism in Birds' is at 10:45pm at Pleasance Courtyard on 5-30 August. Listing

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