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Theatre starring Andrew Hollingworth and Oriana Charles performed on the following days in August 2015...

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  • 5 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 6 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 7 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 8 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 9 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 10 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 11 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 12 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 13 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 14 Aug, 12:15pm
  • 15 Aug, 12:15pm

In this fast-paced, highly physical piece, Eliana and Ian seem to move in harmony as we watch their happiness and struggles on a very intimate level. Bump provides plenty of humour with many twists and turns along the way.

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With a highly physical and quick-paced energy, Bump, is a two hander that explores the lives of Eliana and Ian, who collide and become intertwined.

Bump is unique in that the two characters share their thoughts directly with the audience whilst in conversation with one another. Sometimes their words overlap as they turn in and out to the audience in a speedy rhythm. This provides plenty of humour, but the plot quickly propels the audience into the pair's happiness and struggles on a intimate level. Bump is funny, with elements of sadness and invites the audience to experience the pair's twisting and turning interactions.

As an apprentice company of the Redbridge Drama Centre in London, Buckle Up Theatre Company take the next step in their journey by bringing two new shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. The other is titled Buckle Up (SpaceTriplex 17-29 Aug), a farcical, immersive comedy set on a plane.

The company was founded by three Mountview graduates who are passionate to create new writing that focuses on comedy, modern clowning and providing an experience that encourages their audience to become active participants in the lives of the characters they are watching. Bump is written by Andrew Hollingworth who is a co-founder of the company.


Person Role
Oriana Charles Self
Andrew Hollingworth Self