#BlurredMinds - Free

#BlurredMinds - Free. Image shows from L to R: Monty Burns, Rob Mulholland.

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Stand-up show starring Rob Mulholland and Monty Burns performed on the following days in August 2015...

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WE KNOW YOU WANT IT! If, of course, 'it' is two of the funniest new comedians in the UK in a bloody tent. A high-octane hilarity blast right in your daft face. Rob Mulholland's either the world's smartest idiot or the world's dumbest genius or the world's dumbest idiot or just a really funny man from Yorkshire. 'Very, very tall... equally as talented' (Time Out). Monty Burns is a comedy supernova. His hilarious, high energy physicality matched by his razor-sharp, wicked wit; he says the unsayable and gets away with it! 'Amazing, man on fire' (Breakneck Comedy).

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