• Sketch show
  • 4pm (50 mins)
  • 31 Jul; 1-17 & 19-24 Aug 2014
  • The Blind Poet
  • Free
Twins. Image shows from L to R: Jack Barry, Annie McGrath. Copyright: Aardman Animations.

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Sketch show starring Jack Barry and Annie McGrath.

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Jack Barry and Annie McGrath are completely identical twins. Come and see them grapple with their debut hour, an attempted sketch comedy show. 'A future in comedy' ( 'Truly great stuff' (ThreeWeeks). 'Jack Barry and Annie McGrath have undeniable comic chemistry, bouncing off each other with a genuine ease and charm that many double-acts will struggle to emulate' (Fest). Developed with Berk's Nest.

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Press coverage

Full press release

Jack Barry and Annie McGrath are completely identical twins. Here they present their debut show; an hour of implied reluctance, pseudo-animosity, self-deprecation, offbeat charm, and a few theatrical scenes.

Come and see the twins grapple with their debut hour, an attempted sketch comedy show. In Annie McGrath - every bit the cherubic churl - Twins have a unique and curiously endearing half. Never shy of dodging a predictable punch-line, she is a fearless navigator of the off-beat. Beside her, Jack Barry takes 'gormlessness' into new territory. Fuelled by flights of fancy, constant deviation, and spontaneous drollery, Barry is every bit the natural humourist.

Together, they form one of the most unique, curious, and exciting new double-acts around. Twins is their attempted sketch show, a divergent mish-mash of sketches, concerns, and discussions that concern those sketches.

The pair met whilst at University, appearing at the Fringe for the first time in 2010 as part of The Leeds Tealights: For Your Sins (National Student Best Student Sketch Group). Both were instrumental in helping shift the tide away from the 'traditionally successful' student revue shows, and gained critical acclaim for their work as part of Leeds' 2011 and 2012 Fringe hours.

Away from Twins, both work as solo performers. At last years Fringe Jack Barry appeared in Pleasance's Comedy Reserve, and this year is a part of The Comedy Zone - previous performers include Harry Hill, Ross Noble, Stewart Lee, Dave Gorman, and Simon Munnery.

Annie McGrath is the daughter of writer and comedian Rory McGrath - appearing at the Fringe in Bridge Over Trouble Lager - Volume 2 (18:00; Assembly Rooms). Jack Barry is the son of financial manager Ian Barry - who will be visiting his son during the festival.

Elsewhere in the Fringe Twins appears in The Circus at 22:30; Assembly George Square.


Person Role
Jack Barry Self
Annie McGrath Self