Lisa-Skye: Bunny and Mad Dog Get High

Lisa-Skye: Bunny and Mad Dog Get High. Lisa-Skye Goodes.

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Storytelling / stand-up starring Lisa-Skye Goodes performed on the following days in August 2014...

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1976: Bunny and Mad Dog meet, fall in love, die. 2014: Lisa-Skye's ridiculous life imitates theirs. But will she share their fate? A love letter to the sex-and-drug-soaked 70s. Storytelling from Australia's favourite sparklepuppy comedian. **** (HeraldSun). **** ( **** ( 'Extremely funny ... a striking, original voice in comedy' ( 'A dynamo ... funny, clever, occasionally confronting and ultimately joyous' ( 'Hilariously engaging' ( 'Lisa-Skye will have you in stitches' (

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  •   Megan0
    Lisa Skye's show this year is a storytelling piece. She recounts Bunny and Mad Dog's hedonistic life in the 70s and ultimately relates it to herself with a well crafted twist. The delivery is polished and there are some interesting devices to help things along. Lisa is most in her element when interacting with the audience, but it is done in a truly consensual way. Nobody is going to have an uncomfortable time and its hard to imagine anybody going away without loving the show. Fans of Lisa Skye's 2013 "Ladyboner" show will be glad to see the trademark glitter stayed in. Unfortunately there were no spoken word metronome bits, and not too much audience interaction, but of course this year's show was about Bunny and Mad Dog. Well, its a bit about Lisa too... This is the fringe at its best. An intimate venue with a skillful comedian giving us something slightly different, connecting with her audience, and making sure everybody has a good time. I'm already itching to see what she is bringing us next year!