Al Lubel in... I'm Still Al Lubel

Al Lubel in... I'm Still Al Lubel. Al Lubel. Copyright: Happy Pup Films / Frozen Echo Productions.

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Stand-up show starring Al Lubel performed on the following days in August 2014...

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Bob Dylan said of his last album, Tempest, that he didn't make it for the public, he made it for himself. Well, similarly, Al didn't make I'm Still Al Lubel for the public, he made it for himself. He hopes he likes it. 'Al has one of the best jokes I ever heard' (Jerry Seinfeld). 'Al is a terrifically funny comedian' (David Letterman). 'Unimaginable neuroses, spiralling self-reflection, towering mother issues, all your favourites ... but boy does he bring it all together into one truly brilliant comedy show' (

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Al Lubel has made five appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and seven on The Tonight Show, including being one of the last comics to appear whilst Johnny Carson was hosting. He returns to Edinburgh with a brand new show after his debut last year which saw him scoop the Amused Moose Laughter Award for Best Show. Al is loved by comedians including Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow - an old school New Yorker who's not afraid of dissecting his psychological state - and has supported Bill Hicks and Jerry Seinfeld on tour. Said by Seinfeld to have "one of the best jokes I ever heard."