Wil Hodgson - Leave the Landing Light On

Wil Hodgson - Leave the Landing Light On. Wil Hodgson. Copyright: Amigo Television / Fulwell 73 Productions.

Show details

Stand-up starring Wil Hodgson that was performed at The Stand Comedy Club III, IV at 11:40pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2013.


Cult favourite raconteur and retro culture geek looks back at the fears and phobias of an awkward 80s childhood of old school horror movies, scary cartoons, terrifying fairy tales, harrowing public information films, Sea Cadet camp ghost stories, ill advised Victorian themed days at primary school, and the comfort of fellow outcasts like Frankenstein's Monster, Wolf Man and Dracula. 'The most charismatic of storytellers' (Scotsman). 'Genius' (Russell Howard). 'A creature of rigorously maintained authenticity ... he remains one of the most original and consistently funny performers in the UK' (Guardian).


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