Say It Again, Sam

Say It Again, Sam. Copyright: Thames Television.

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Edinburgh. A city known for hiding its secrets. And the secrets she hides are like her streets. Dark, twisted. And like all dark and twisted stories this began with a woman. One with boobs and everything. Immerse yourself in this story of one man's journey to escape the mundane routine of his life. Turn up the jazz, unwrap your cigar and submerge yourself in silly sophistication as our protagonist Sam desperately waits for that immortal whisper ... say it again, Sam. Of all the plays, across the Fringe, you have to walk into this one.

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Visitor reviews

  •   Tom Beecher
    A fantastic, fast paced comedy. Very well written and all of the performances are great with lots of film noire cliches and references throughout, a nice mix of physical and witty humor and the story itself kept me interested!