Fate, Dutch Courage and the Fingerless Gloves

Fate, Dutch Courage and the Fingerless Gloves. Copyright: Granada Television.

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Stand-up show starring Winter Foenander, Nick Root and Albie Flowers performed on the following days in August 2013...

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Winter Foenander, who possesses a high energy manic style, coupled with a dark surreal interactive humour, never fails to engage an audience. He'll fondle your funny bone and get you in laughing gear. Nick Root has a relaxed, laid-back style with undertones of anger and bitterness. His utter failure as a human being combined with short-sharp gags and things he despises. Albie Flowers lures you to his befuddled gaze of the world. You'll feel as though you've been abducted and probed all at the same time, but don't worry he'll be wearing gloves.

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Nick Root Self
Albie Flowers Self