The You, Me, the Witch Makes 3

The You, Me, the Witch Makes 3. Copyright: BBC.

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Variety starring Oli Bettesworth, Jayde Adams and Janet Bettesworth performed on the following days in August 2012...

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A participating children's show for 3-8 year olds. Songs, magic and puppetry are woven into a fight between the bullying Wicked Witch and her intended victims, Jaydey and Fartypants, whose life is about to be turned upside down by the Witch's plans to erect a multi-storey car park on their patch. Morty the Werewolf enters the fray, but the fate of our hopeless heroes lies with the children in the audience - can they scare the horrible Witch away with their party blowouts and kazoos?

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You, Me, the Witch Makes 3 is a brand new children's play having its debut in this year's Fringe Festival (Free Fringe Laughing Horse).

It's based on the time-honoured theme of victim versus bully: the Wicked Witch (together with her side-kick, Morty the Werewolf) does everything in her power to evict the two innocent heroes Jaydey and Fartypants from their campsite, in order to erect a multi-storey car park. This is a mixed-media production including film, puppetry, music, comedy and illusion (all the actors are stand-up comedians).

The aim is to entertain the children's parents as well as the children themselves (age 3 upwards), and there is plenty of participation as the audience is invited to enter into the fight against the Wicked Witch.

Written and directed by Janet Bettesworth.


Person Role
Jayde Adams Self
Oli Bettesworth Self
Janet Bettesworth Self