Garrett Millerick: Sensible Answers to Stupid Questions

Garrett Millerick: Sensible Answers to Stupid Questions. Garrett Millerick.

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Stand-up show starring Garrett Millerick performed on the following days in August 2012...

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Question - should I go and see Garrett Millerick's new show? Answer - yes of course you should. Don't ask stupid questions. P.S. Please don't prepare your own questions, I have that covered. 'A comic chameleon' **** (ThreeWeeks). 'Excellent' *** (Skinny) (this review read like a four star).

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Who is Garrett Millerick?

In 2010 Garrett Millerick began performing solo character stand-up, made it through to the semi finals of So You Think Your Funny?, became acquainted with many service stations up and down the country in his search for the sound of strangers laughing, and took his first solo character show to Edinburgh.

This year he returns to the Fringe with his debut solo stand up show...

What is the basic idea behind the show?

Sensible Answers to Stupid Questions mixes jokes, half baked philosophy and some grossly exaggerated real life anecdotes to tell the story of Garrett's love of Stupid Questions and espouse his theories about their relative importance in today's society.

Why shouldn't questions like 'Who is your favourite celebrity sex offender?' and 'Did you pack this bag yourself?' be given the same philosophical attention as 'Is there a God?'?

When Garrett was 15, a young idealistic teacher wrote on the blackboard: 'There is no such thing as a stupid question'. He had come to inspire, to create a learning environment free of fear... Within 20 minutes he was screaming at the top of his voice in desperate frustration to a baying crowd...


'What about love sir? Does love travel faster than the speed of light?'


'What about Linford Christie? What about the French in retreat? What about Clifford's Mum?


'What about bad news?'

There are such things as Stupid Questions and this show aims to treat them with the gravity they deserve.

What else should I know?

In a thinly disguised attempt to improve his chances of being picked up by TV producers Garrett has decided to film a number of sketches and interrupt the show with some audio visual interludes. This will also allow him to have a glass of water without interrupting the flow of the performance. These sketches will be directed by multi award winning filmmaker Martin Gooch.

What else has Garrett done?

Prior to becoming a stand-up comedian, over the last eight years Garrett has performed, written, produced and directed a respectable eight shows on the Fringe. His work has attracted five star reviews from The Scotsman, Three Weeks, The Edinburgh Guide, Hairline, Plays International and One4Review. Over the years he has also received a number of four star reviews that he believes read like five star reviews.

Garrett has also written and directed some short films that were pretty good and had people like Kevin Eldon, David Cann and Dan Antopolski in them and were distributed.

Visitor reviews

  •   Rebecca Mason
    In a festival jam-packed with comedy this show manages to stand out. With fantastically self-deprecating charm and humour Garrett manages to get the audience rolling in the aisles, yet we're never made to feel guilty for laughing at his pain. So much stand-up comedy feels false and contrived these days, but this show's truth and believability makes it utterly refreshing. Garrett is no actor, he lays his hilarious tragic life out for all to see - and you must see it!