Where Once Was Wonder by Daniel Kitson

Where Once Was Wonder by Daniel Kitson. Daniel Kitson.

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Stand-up starring Daniel Kitson that was performed at The Stand Comedy Club at 12am for 101 minutes, on the following days in August 2012.

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5: The Stand Comedy Club

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A new stand-up comedy show about impossibility, change, not joining in, love, haircuts, loneliness, courage, defiance, knowledge, despondency, cutting the head off a pig, meaning, tattoos, obscenity, opinions, truth and something a Spanish footballer once said.* Thirty-four years old, predictably fond of snacks, surprisingly capable at sport and increasingly uncertain about absolutely everything, Daniel Kitson - comedian, legend and intermittent tool - tries to work out what he actually thinks about things whilst demanding people pay money to watch.

*Other topics may be addressed in addition to or in place of the topics listed here.


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