BDOOL (Best Days Of Our Lives) - Free

  • Sketch show / Stand-Up
  • 1:05pm (50 mins)
  • 3-14 & 16-26 Aug 2012
  • The Phoenix
  • Free
BDOOL (Best Days Of Our Lives) - Free.

Show details

Sketch show / Stand-Up starring Craig Skerry and James Purdy that was performed at The Phoenix at 1:05pm for 50 minutes, on the following days in August 2012.

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Venue details

146: The Phoenix

Alternative performances

From the same school, Craig and James meander through stories from their childhood and education together. Each with a 15 minute stand-up set, they go from real life stories to surreal set pieces with audience interaction. The last 15 minutes they come together to mix interaction with sketches to bring a fast paced, happy-feeling show to a conclusion.


Full press release

James Purdy and Craig Skerry's show BDOOL: Best Days Of Our Lives is a Laughing Horse Free Fringe 50 minute show that is on every day during the Edinburgh Festival until the 26th of August at The Phoenix, 46 Broughton Street at 1.05pm.

From the same school, best friends Craig and James each perform lighthearted storytelling stand up-and then come together to act out fast paced sketches and songs.

This is a lovely feel good show where the performers have fun with the audience and the show. Subjects range from true life stories, surreal situations and feel good sketches and songs.