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2011 Edinburgh Fringe

Delete the Banjax review

Delete the Banjax ... And You!. Copyright: London Weekend Television

Sketch group Delete The Banjax have returned to the Fringe once again, this time with a bafflingly-named show (Pigs and Ponies), but still full of the energy I've remembered them for.

Caroline May-Jones, Daniel Cook, Gareth Cooper and Samuel Champion are a delightful combination and don't appear to have aged a bit since last year.

The variety of sketches they present are nicely crafted. I particularly enjoyed Caroline's inability to listen to Time After Time without crying (for a reason unexplained), and overall they use recurring themes to their advantage.

Daniel is at once endearing and a teeny bit unsettling as he "falls in love" with an unwitting member of the front row. I really enjoy watching him interact like this; in fact, they're all simply a lovely bunch who are well worth spending an hour of your time with.

The sketches may not be ground-breaking, but there are some real belly-laugh moments and I left with a wide grin on my face - what more can you want from a comedy show?

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