ComedySportz@Laughing Horse Free Festival

ComedySportz@Laughing Horse Free Festival. Image shows from L to R: Achile Dunne, Jade Fearnley, Sam Al-Hamdani, Carly Tarett, Rob Hudson, Rachel Wareing, Brainne Edge, Mark Rawle.

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Improv starring Achile Dunne, Brainne Edge, Sam Al-Hamdani, Carly Tarett, Rob Hudson, Rachel Wareing, Jade Fearnley and Mark Rawle performed on the following days in August 2011...

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ComedySportz UK is the North West's top improvised comedy troupe. ComedySportz is a fast-paced improvised comedy show where two teams battle it out for the biggest laughs. The players create quick-witted sketches, scenes and songs from whatever suggestions are thrown at them by the audience to create a show that's fast, feel-good and always unpredictably funny. There's a referee on hand to steer the entertainment, call any fouls and help the audience decide the winner.

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Person Role
Achile Dunne Self
Brainne Edge Self
Sam Al-Hamdani Self
Carly Tarett Self
Rob Hudson Self
Rachel Wareing Self
Jade Fearnley Self
Mark Rawle Self