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Edinburgh is as expected: cold and rainy. Beautiful city, however. Stepped into a Wetherspoons to get out of the dampness and I'm enjoying $2.97 pints of Belhaven. That's almost as cheap as Poland.

Jocks don't like to part with too much money.

Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 3rd April 2024, 11:47 AM

Jocks don't like to part with too much money.

That's a fallacy put about by tight-fisted Yorkshiremen, as we all know the British saying ""a Yorkshireman is a Scotsman with all the generosity squeezed out of him". 😁

I had two holidays with my wife's relatives in Glasgow, and you could not find a more generous people.

The internet still amazes me at times it really does. Tonight I was writing and I was able to check out the top speed of a 1600E Mk II Cortina for my book and all it took was a click.

I wrote an entire chase scene in Budapest, using Google Street View.
We never had it so good.

Israel is using AI to target its bombing

Explains a lot...

Oh well at least they can blame a machine for murdering aid workers instead

My lukewarm Greggs sausage roll feast was just interrupted by 60 seconds of blaring hotel fire alarm.

Greggs sucks!


Having had a new front door fitted on Tuesday I am today staying in to watch paint dry. Literally.

I'm staying in to watch a bloody hurricane blow all my tulips to f**k.

Very cloudy here in the path of totality, but it got very dark for about four minutes.

That's a shame Dabutt
Bloody weather

I've just joined the BCG facebook group and noticed Nina Conti is a member and she liked a BCG post about her dad. That is so cool.

Are you sure it wasn't her monkey?

:D I saw a picture of her monkey with a very funny quote by Nina but having trouble finding it now. Something along the lines of a career of having a fist up it. Supremely talented and funny.