Father Ted episode help

I was just wondering what episode in Father Ted did Mrs Doyle mention she went to the Doctors due to women's problems and went into great detail about it.

Please, someone must know- it is driving me mad?

*shrugs* Any more info?

No, that's all I know. They are talking about illnesses I think and Mrs Doyle goes 'I had to go to the Doctor's recently' and Ted replies 'Oh really Mrs Doyle, I didn't know you were ill' and Mrs Doyle says 'Well, it's a bit of an old women's problem' and then she innocently goes into detail.

Sorry, no idea.

I'm going through a mental break-down trying to work it out.

You are right Jack. There was such an eppy,, although I am not sure what one.
Could it have been that one where Mrs Doyle is taken over by a demon?

What episode is that. Is that by any chance the beginning of Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse, if so, I can safely say it isn't that episode.

Well it's not in series 1, I don't think.


I'm pretty sure it's this episode your talking about.

Sounds/looks like it to me. What episode is it though?

No, it is not this episode, she says it in another episode. In this episode, she seems absolutely appalled by sex, but in this episode, she says about this problem as if the subject isn't the slightest bit embarrasing. Yet Ted has a similar reaction as in this clip.

Oh, the other one is Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading btw.


or this one?


I found Father Ted slash fiction, most disturbing.

Neither I'm afraid.