WTF was that all about. I lost the will to live after 10 minutes of inane chatter between the leering Tom Allen and the rest of them. How can a group of reasonably funny people, who were all excellent on Taskmaster, (apart from said unfunny Tom Allen) make for such boredom? Mind you, the format was crap - whoever came up with this idea needs to be banned from TV.

(Have put this under OTHER Comedy as it certainly doesn't justify any other category and there isn't one for Shit Comedy)

While I feel that's harsh, I think the format needs a bit of time to find its feet. For starters, I'm in the camp that think Josh Widdecombe really isn't all that funny, whereas Acaster is brilliant. This one I feel will be very much dependent on the mix of guests, as the format suits improvisers more than the usual posse of panel show comics, hence am really looking forward to the next episode with Rachel Parris and a future one with Cariad Lloyd.

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While I feel that's harsh, I think the format needs a bit of time to find its feet, and walk off into the sunset, never to be seen again :D


For those wondering whether or not to watch "Hypotheticals", I offer the following:

Imagine a large bucket of poo into which somebody has stirred a handful of £1 coins. You are offered the opportunity to search for the coins with an ungloved hand, thereafter keeping any you may find.

If you would accept that offer, you will probably enjoy "Hypotheticals".

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The correct (better) version of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTH9MKiYvM0

Going into this thread with caution, because last night's episode was great. I do concede that Josh Widdicome is essentially superfluous to the whole thing and that Acaster on his own would be much better, but the guests seem to get more into the spirit of it this week (to the extent that I'm genuinely sad we can't see Jon Richardson's S Club musical). Rachel Parris' TED talk was a highlight.

I quite liked Matafeo in the meeting for Graham Norton's job, what I enjoyed most about the programme in general though was James Acaster

Encouraged by sitcomfan's review of episode two, I decided to give it a try but I abandoned it after twenty minutes.

There was one genuinely funny quip (by James Acaster) but the rest was a pretty dull affair.

It seems that whoever commissioned this show is labouring under the misapprehension that stand-up comedians are essentially funny people. Some are, of course, but a great many are not.

"Hypothetical" is giving work to too many of the latter.

Doesn't look like Hypothetical was an overly popular series on this forum, as this is the only thread I could find about it - just 8 posts, from 4 years ago, and mostly negative!

Anyway, the show's been cancelled now after 4 series. I never particularly warmed to it, as Herc says there were some quite promising comedians involved, but the format didn't really work - it just seemed like they were making a programme just for the sake of it. (Although I suppose that could be said about anything!)

I thought it a bit of silly, entertaining fun. Nice kind of programme to unwind and watch. Probably not my favourite in that vein, but I still enjoyed and will miss it.