This Is Jinsy - Series 2

I am enjoying the new series so far how about you?

Never even seen it, I don't have Sky Atlantic but all I do know is that the Series 2 DVD is available to pre-order for £7 which is a bargain if you're a fan of the series.

Terrific show. If it was on a mainstream channel I'm sure it would be building from cult to mainstream hit. It's wonderful!

I only saw "This is Jinsy" from episode three of series two and thought it was very peculiar and not sure I liked it, but as I had series linked it, I watched some more, and got a couple of the songs stuck in my head. Then I caught up on the episodes I had missed, and finally "got" it. During one of the Element Repords, I realised that the weather monk's outbursts was Vogon poetry. And because I love Vogon poetry, I watched series one on Catch Up.

It's an incredibly addictive show, with insanely catchy songs! I love it!