Confessions Of A Driving Instructor


george roper

  • Wednesday 24th July 2013, 11:41pm [Edited]
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The sexual misadventures of Timothy Lea and his brother-in-law Sidney Noggett when they set up a driving school business.



  • Monday 29th January 2018, 1:54am
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This one was decent. Plot could have been a little better at this point in the franchise. I like the more mature Timmy Lea in this one, as he seems the most sure of himself in this one sexually (and to a lesser extent the next film after). I just found myself wanting the brother in law to finally cuss the sister out, wanting Timmy Lea to finally be done with him and go on and do something solo and successful, and then keep shagging all the beautiful women just to be a boss. Not bad, not good, just could have been done better.