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Chewin' The Fat. Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

Chewin' The Fat

Sketch show centred around Scottish actors Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill and Karen Dunbar



  • Thursday 2nd February 2012, 2:23pm [Edited]
  • Sheffield, England
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I got Chewin' The Fat on DVD. Bought it recently from a CEX shop. Try there.

It's a great sketch show but that woman with the big nostrils is slighty scary. Anyone seen Happy Hollidays? That was good, with Ford and Borrby in it.


Nil Putters

  • Thursday 2nd February 2012, 5:03pm
  • A galaxy far, far away or, England
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Quote: yowie29 @ February 2 2012, 2:23 PM GMT

Anyone seen Happy Hollidays? That was good, with Ford and Borrby in it.

I was ok. No Still Game.



  • Friday 7th October 2016, 6:10pm
  • Portsmouth, England
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Series 1 of Chewin' The Fat is currently on Netflix in the UK, along with an added series of Still Game. Can't quite believe I only 'discovered' these comedy gems a few months ago. Eminently watchable and often laugh out loud hilarious. (My better half loves both shows too.)


John M

  • Wednesday 20th December 2017, 10:36pm [Edited]
  • Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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The early Jack and Victor sketches in Chewin' the Fat before they transferred to Still Game were really good. I recall one in particular where Jack has bought a taser to zap the local neds with.

A laugh was always guaranteed with Karen Dunbar's main character of the sex-obsessed Betty as well.



  • Thursday 21st December 2017, 10:26pm
  • 127 Inkerman Terrace, Newcastle, England
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Never forget the truly terrifying "BIG MAN". Be afraid, be very afraid...........


Rood Eye

  • Monday 15th April 2019, 8:53pm
  • England
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This is one of the funniest sketch shows in the history of British comedy.

Original ideas, great performances and excellent dialogue: it's a shame it isn't much better known than it is.

Top class stuff!