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Maid Marian And Her Merry Men. Image shows from L to R: Barrington (Danny John-Jules), Little Ron (Mike Edmonds), Rabies (Howard Lew Lewis), Maid Marian (Kate Lonergan), Robin (Adam Morris). Copyright: BBC.

Maid Marian And Her Merry Men

Ingenious re-working of the Robin Hood legend, placing Maid Marian as the real hero of the tale, and Robin as, actually, a bit of a wimp



  • Sunday 6th November 2011, 6:13pm
  • Birmingham, England
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I loved this show as a kid, I often see the DVD and think I should pick it up but never do.

Do you think it will ruin the magic if I was to watch it now at age 26 or does it age well?



  • Sunday 6th November 2011, 6:22pm
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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I think it works just as well as it always did, and there are probably a few jokes you'll get now that were aimed at your parents in the early 90s.



  • Sunday 6th November 2011, 6:54pm
  • Birmingham, England
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Thanks Aaron.

I might purchase it for one of my nieces or nephews. Kids should have a comedy classic lesson in school, this programme would be on the curriculum for sure.


David Carmon

  • Monday 7th November 2011, 12:33am
  • Cheshire, England
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Quote: Kidda @ November 6 2011, 6:13 PM GMT

I loved this show as a kid, I often see the DVD and think I should pick it up but never do.

Do you think it will ruin the magic if I was to watch it now at age 26 or does it age well?

I was thinking that, even though I've watched my taped version of series 4 a few times over the years.

I got totally back into it straight away. I'm never letting go again.

Can't wait for p-p-p-p pancake day......


David Carmon

  • Tuesday 8th November 2011, 1:05am
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Yes M'lord.


martin jones

  • Thursday 10th November 2011, 1:23am [Edited]
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I am sorry but I disagree with most of the above comments.

For what was deemed a children's programme, I noticed there was some suspect innuendo, which I am fine with.

However......There was a serious lack of:

1: media sterotype good looking people
2: expensive accesorising
3: salon styled hair
3: a total lack of early teen/teen/post-teen/ married and cheating
sexual promiscuity.
4: drugs, be they found naturally in the forest of Nottingham or grown
hydroponically in someones flat, or mud dwelling.
5: a suspicious fire

Quite how they managed to make 4 or 5 series without a teenage pregnancy or someone struggling with their sexuality is beyond me. Don't even get me started on the lack of black characters being from the wrong side of the tracks.

One only has to look at the modern children's programme's such as Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and that there Hollyoaks to see how far TV has improved in quality and content.

This shit is real man, kids need to learn from somewhere and school ain't teaching them Jack.
I can't even leave my front door without seeing stereotype attractive, heavily made up, fake tanned teenagers having sex and taking drugs with people, some of the white, not just black, but mostly black.
Only last week somebody looked at someone's cousin or pint the wrong way and there was gunfire, a murder took place, happens a couple of times a year on our street.
There's an Asian family who live next door, the lads a right swot and wears glasses, but his 15 year old sister is going out with a 45 year old rasta who drives a Lamborghini (he's a DJ). This shit is real man!!! Real !! It must be, it's on TV.

Those kids shouldn't be allowed to watch people living in mud dwellings in a forest, coming out with clever comments and laughing at those comedy scenarios, it's sending them the wrong signals, they wouldn't know how to react to a drug/gun/pimp situation and speak the Jive would they? would they f**k.

All I can say is.... Thank the Broom Cupboard! Those programmes weren't made today or some university educated halfwit, with a joint BA (Hons) degree in media and furniture (and whose mummy drives a Porsche) would be arsing it up big time...

F**king media types, I shit 'em.

I'm off for a wank over Bodger and Badger

For what it's worth.....

I ain't even that old, oh wait I am I'm over 25, by X Factor stands that means I'm somewhere between 26 and 120, either way a waste of f**king air time unless I'm a bouffanted multi millionaire, who my mother thinks must know best.
She's so old, even her shit needs a zimmer frame to crawl out of her arse.

Ciao X

PS. Anyone else liked Kevin's Cousins?