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I was enjoying it but the Nazi episode put me off somewhat. It's as if the writers were having a lazy day and just nicked stuff from other programmes, threw it all into a pot and then peed on it.
Hoping next episode redeems the programme.

I didn't enjoy the Nazi one at all. Only one out of the whole three series which I didn't enjoy! Waaaa!

Just felt it was not moving on the script - apart from the romance with Kelly and the power dealer (who is HOT).

The Nazi one was just okay. You would think, after deciding to go with an idea like this, the writer would do something more surprising with the characters; play with them. Say, make Simon, who when the series started threatened to be quite the creepy nutcase, into a full on Nazi psycho. But no.

It was obviously fairly hamstrung by its budget too.

I think I actually liked Simon as a creepy nutcase.

Shame, you missed all the naked Nazi lezzers.

I quite enjoyed it.
Just a bit of (very) high concept fun.

Nazis. Mmm. Interesting. The resolution wasn't too bad, but the episode as a whole just didn't feel right. I just kept thinking, "Really? Nazis? You're going there?"

They've done time travel alternate history stuff before fairly well, but it just didn't feel in the same Misfits programme style. Overman needs to be inventive, not go for these old, far from unique, big ticket ideas. Keep within their own world.

The Nazi episode felt more like the writers were experimenting with the way they tell the stories, and the end result is a little hit and miss. Misfits is better dealing with smaller, less save-the-worldy plots, that's its charm.

It wouldn't have felt as much of a filler episode if there was something worthwhile character progression on the journey they took. I thought Simon was going to get his time-travel power off Seth and visit the past, as it's been hinted at. Still, the Kelly/Seth relationship has grown a little, and that's cute. XD

No worries, because this series has been expanded to a run of 8 episodes instead of 6, so there's still a chance for it to really blow my mind. :D

Shows tend to be bolloxier the more they have people pointing guns at everything. So this show was a bit bollox, while RTD Dr Who was often complete bollox.

I did enjoy her giving Hitler a good kicking at the end. That was fun.

The thing that bugged me about the Nazi episode was the fact that the Kelly we saw in the end was the one from the Nazi occupied dimension but at the end she appeared to have the experiences of the original Kelly (before the old guy went back in time).

As usuual, when I try to pick apart time travel plots afterwards, I am now confused.

Loved this week's. Brilliant episode.

It's okay zooo. I think they've already got so mixed up from when Curtis has his power, that none of them are the original selves from the first episode.

I'd just like to say that I'm still not watching this.


Thanks, I can relax now.