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  • Saturday 25th February 2012, 8:30pm
  • Manchester, England
  • 22 posts

Massive fan (pound for pound) - his work ethic is off the charts and the whole concept of the 'Live at The Beacon' show was brilliant (rightly earning him millions - most of which he's donated to charity!).Future legend.



  • Friday 10th November 2017, 8:01pm
  • England
  • 276 posts

Wow. He was on his way to being one of the American greats, brilliant stand up, great sitcom. But this, along with all the other stuff that's now coming out of Hollywood? Utterly sickening.



  • Wednesday 15th November 2017, 9:07am
  • Japan
  • 119 posts

There needs to be a very large public discussion about this sort of behavior.


Stephen Goodlad

  • Wednesday 15th November 2017, 9:59am [Edited]
  • Mirfield, England
  • 2,640 posts

Funnily enough, it's no great surprise to me. I used to see 'deviancy' on a regular basis.
Back in the 70's I worked in a very big textile mill. There were over 3000 women worked there.
(and about 1000 men)
Some of the women were worse than the men - you went in the spinning shed at your own risk.
I was a naive young lad at the time and it was the first time I had ever heard a woman swear.
It sounds nothing now but I once went to repair a machine and the female operator saw it was a young lad coming to mend it and said 'f**k me, why have they sent you, you useless little c**t'
I was properly knocked back.

I saw overlookers grope women everyday (overlookers were sort of foremen and had some power over them)
And when I say grope, I mean really sexually assualt.
Some women were tough and hit back - but some weren't and suffered it for fear of losing their jobs.
You can scale that right up to starlets want acting jobs and having to do things to get the work.

They say 'it was a different time then' and maybe it was. I remember telling a foreman to not do that and got the glib reply 'well leave the room then'

Anywhere where there is a power thing certain men will take advantage of of it.

All these sexual assault claims can only do good. They might make these horrible men think twice about it
Nothing like the fear of public shame to put a stop to it.

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