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Mike T

  • Friday 5th July 2013, 11:24pm
  • England
  • 282 posts

Does anyone know of any (decent) open mic nights in London? I'm looking to get a string of gigs done and it's proving quite difficult to find ones still running online apart from 3 or 4..........


Jason Simmons

  • Monday 8th July 2013, 8:57am
  • Kent/London boarders, England
  • 127 posts

Hi Mike T,

There are loads of open mic gigs in London you could try the following if you haven't done so already:

Laughter shock comedy: The College arms, Store Street London - Mondays
Pear Shaped Comedy: The Fitzrovia Tavern, near Goodge Street - Wednesdays
King Gong - The Comedy Store, London - Last Monday of the month (I think?)
Up the Creek - Greenwich, Thursday nights
The Comedy Café - Shoreditch, new act night - Wednesdays
The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell - Mondays, Tuesdays (this ones a bringer)
We are Funny Project, Dirty Dicks, Liverpool Street - Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Dead Comedians Socks (Not sure of the location or night but, check out touching cloth as well)
Check out the comedy Bin Web site because they pretty much run a night every night of the week.
Heavenly Comedy - Shaftsbury Avenue (I Think) on a Thursday (this may still be a bringer)
The Lions Den - Tuesdays (although this is pay to play)

These are the ones that I can think of off of the top of my head but there are quite a few more. Hopefully, this'll get you started? Feel free to PM me and I'll let you know the contact details for the above if I have them.

All the best,



Big Mouth Events

  • Thursday 25th July 2013, 1:22am
  • England
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I am looking for comics for regular nights at a venue in Islington, London.

For more info and any links to your performence please email

Many thanks!


Ste Stark

  • Wednesday 4th September 2013, 9:27am
  • Blackburn, England
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Hi I'm new to this forum. ........ my names Steve and I have an addiction to making people laugh, as o said new to this game work a few successful gigs under my belt, but I'm looking for any open mic opportunities in Horsham or Crawley any information would be greatly appreciated


Julio Lluvia

  • Wednesday 4th September 2013, 12:08pm
  • London, England
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Hi Ste, I am based in that sort of area also, I do know of two monthly nights in croydon but they are not open mic, and I can't seem to find the details right now (lost somewhere in my facebook messages) I also know the cock and bull in Sutton is running a comedy night first Thursday of every month now but I am struggling to find out who organises it.

If you are not on it already join the comedy collective on facebook, you can find loads of information on there.



Ste Stark

  • Thursday 5th September 2013, 6:19am
  • Blackburn, England
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Thanks for that mate



  • Sunday 24th November 2013, 7:26am
  • Colchester, England
  • 8 posts

Hello everyone, I'm the coordinator of Colchester Comedy Network - we've very recently undergone a name change - and on January 8th, we're running our first comedy Open Mic, under the name The NonConformist Comedy Club.

The basic premise of the event is to allow alternative comics the chance to perform in front of a new crowd, test out material, get feedback and be in a safe environment.

It's strictly alternative, so the less jokes we have about boobs and bums and gender and geography the better - if you think you fit the bill, do get in contact via, or join us on Facebook under the same name.

A link to the event page is below, you can also sign up here if you're interested. It takes place at St Botolph's Waiting Room in Colchester, so if you're coming from out of town, I'll be happy to meet you at the station and so on.

Thanks, hope this is of interest to some of you!

James Sarek


Nick Burrow

  • Sunday 8th December 2013, 9:05pm
  • England
  • 6 posts


I am keen to get to gigs and open mics in the South West - if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

New to this so thanks in advance.



Thomas Rackham

  • Friday 24th January 2014, 5:00pm
  • Birmingham, England
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Hi all - been making my way through the contacts in this very helpful thread - thanks!

On the subject, does anyone have any good contacts for Birmingham / Midlands area to swap?

I've found 'Where to Get a Gig' thread on the West Midlands Comedy Forum to be useful, link here:


Gareth Rees

  • Monday 27th January 2014, 10:31am
  • Swansea, Wales
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Wave looking for Laughing out loud open mic nights in South Wales (Swansea ideally). Any Console would be Cool and stop me going :S .
Sorry if this doesn't make much sense I'm new to sign language :D


Thomas Rackham

  • Tuesday 11th February 2014, 12:31pm
  • Birmingham, England
  • 2 posts

Hi all - if anyone has anything Birmingham / Midlands way please let me know.

Looking for 5-10 min open spots - done circa 20 shows to date and looking to get more booked up.

Can do lifts from Birmingham or Burton on Trent and happy to do car load, etc.

Cheers - Thomas Rackham


Luca Love

  • Wednesday 26th March 2014, 9:50pm
  • Cambridge, England
  • 17 posts

Anyone know any in the cambridgeshire area? I contacted the "Badkat" one but they havent replied.


Josip Kules

  • Saturday 5th April 2014, 6:58pm
  • England
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Hi! I was wondering are there any open mic nights in Cornwall still active, the nearest I can find is in Bristol and I just can't make that 3 hour drive.