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Tom G

  • Wednesday 17th November 2010, 5:19pm
  • England
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I think it would be useful to build up a list of gigs for amateur stand up comedians.

I'm just starting out in the South West and find it really hard to find places to perform.

Please post any gigs you know of below:

Gig Name: ...............
Venue and location: ....................
Contact name and number: ...............
Time and regularity:................



  • Wednesday 17th November 2010, 7:50pm
  • England
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Agreed. Until we do something a bit more set in stone, please keep to the style below and keep on topic.

Gig Name: ...............
Venue and location: ....................
Contact name and number: ...............
Time and regularity:................
Notes: (e.g.) type... gong? timed? Paid?


Tom G

  • Thursday 18th November 2010, 12:20pm
  • England
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Quote: Tony Cowards @ November 18 2010, 11:13 AM GMT

This might help people;

Thank you Tony

I was aware of this group but find a lot of the regions aren't represented too strongly, particularly the southwest! There are definitely more around.

If people post on here then hopefully we can compile a definitive list and pin the thread.



  • Thursday 30th December 2010, 12:14pm
  • Ely, England
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have a look at and go to gig list, that is updated often and lists many open spot clubs plus special ones they recommend



  • Tuesday 11th January 2011, 8:48am
  • Colchester, England
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Tin Pan Alley, Colchester.

Feb 15th 2011.

Time not confirmed as of yet. If you are interested I can keep you informed of details.

Open mic, unpaid.


Ukulele Kris

  • Sunday 23rd January 2011, 12:52pm
  • Preston, England
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Beat The Frog
Frog and Bucket, Preston
Contact name and number: John Gray, 01772 200902
Every Wednesday
Gong show, unpaid

(friendly gong show, however, audience aren't allowed to boo or heckle, it's a generally supportive atmosphere)


Adam Singleton

  • Wednesday 2nd February 2011, 4:30pm
  • aylesbury, England
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Hi Guys

I currently run 2 amateur stand up gigs in the south east (Aylesbury Buckinghamshire), it is unpaid but if you let me know in advance you can get up to 15 minutes slots.

I have one coming up this Sunday the 6th of Feb at Stars cafe bar.
If anyone is interested in performing please drop me an email and I will send you further details.



Josh Bunting

  • Tuesday 8th March 2011, 10:33pm
  • England
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There's a brilliant open mic in Cambridge that I just did my first gig at (the compere gives you a hug after your set) Its called BadKat and its at the boathhouse pub on chesterton road. Email :)


Violet Crumble

  • Sunday 10th July 2011, 9:31am [Edited]
  • London, England
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Hi ya

Gig Name: Gags and Gals!
Venue and location: East London (tbc)
Contact name and email: Violet -
Time and regularity: New show debuting in October 2011 and then every two months
Notes: We're looking for London-based amateur male and female stand up as well as UK headliners. Slots to be 15 to 20 mins in length. Gags and Gals! is a hilariously sexy evening of original and witty stand up comedy with a dash of tantillising classic striptease - two art forms that have been keen bedfellows since the Victorian era.

Gags and Gals! ... come for the gals but stay for the gags




  • Sunday 10th July 2011, 3:35pm
  • London, England
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Giving new acts 15 mins sounds like two-way torture.