Vintage Wine. Image shows from L to R: Charles Popinot (Seymour Hicks), Josephine Popinot (Eva Moore)
Vintage Wine

Vintage Wine

  • 1935 film

A young-at-heart retiree reveals to his wealthy family that he has married again. Stars Seymour Hicks, Claire Luce, Eva Moore, Judy Gunn, Miles Malleson and more.

Cast & crew credits

Seymour Hicks Charles Popinot
Claire Luce Nina
Eva Moore Josephine Popinot
Judy Gunn Blanche Popinot
Miles Malleson Henry Popinot
Kynaston Reeves (as P. Kynaston Reeve) Benedict Popinot
A. Bromley Davenport Pierre
Michael Shepley Richard Emsley
Tony De Lungo Leo
Enrico Muzio Bianci
Amy Brandon Thomas Actor
Meriel Forbes Actor
Kathleen Weston Actor
Brian Buchel Actor
Andreas Malandrinos (as Andrea Malandrinos) Actor
Writing team
H. Fowler Mear Writer
Seymour Hicks Writer (Adapted By)
Ashley Dukes Writer (Adapted By)
Production team
Henry Edwards Director
Julius Hagen Producer
Ralph Kemplen Editor
James A. Carter Production Designer
Sydney Blythe Director of Photography
Alexander Engel Creator

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