There Was A Crooked Man. Image shows from L to R: Flash Dan (Timothy Bateson), Adolf Carter (Alfred Marks), Davy Cooper (Norman Wisdom). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL.

There Was A Crooked Man

1960 British comedy film about a man out for revenge. Stars Norman Wisdom, Alfred Marks, Andrew Cruickshank, Reginald Beckwith, Susannah York and others.

Video Clips

General disguise

Mr McKillup meets the military men for the first time.

First day at work

Davy Cooper has a rather eventful first day at work.

Hiding in the shower

Davy is hiding in the shower... but there's someone else in there! He does manage to overhear some sensitive information though.

Featuring: Norman Wisdom (Davy Cooper), Brian Oulton (Ashton).

Jail break

Davy has his own method of 'escaping' his prison cell.

Featuring: Norman Wisdom (Davy Cooper), Percy Herbert (Warder Green).