The Lobster. Image shows from L to R: Nosebleed Woman (Jessica Barden), David (Colin Farrell).

The Lobster

2015 British comedy film about finding love. Stars Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Jessica Barden, Olivia Colman, Ashley Jensen and others.

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'The Lobster' review

Colin Farrell comedy brims with originality, wickedly weird details.

Rafer Guzmán, Newsday, 25th May 2016

Lobster claws way to top of Bifa nominations

Surreal dystopian comedy drama The Lobster tops the list of nominations for this year's Moet British Independent Film Awards.

BBC News, 3rd November 2015

Review: The Lobster

Will you enjoy this strange take on modern love? Depends on how you feel about being single, says Day Moibi.

Day Moibi, Standard Issue, 26th October 2015

The Lobster: Bleak comedy runs through fearful future

Dystopian fantasies breed in such profusion on the screen these days that filmmakers are hard pushed to come up with anything truly weird. But Greek writer-director Yorgos Lanthimos has done it with The Lobster, set in a near future that has been colonised so comprehensively by the politics of family values that singles are viewed as a threat to be eliminated.

Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald, 24th October 2015

The Lobster review: An achingly dystopian rom-com

A visually restrained, bitterly savage and comic look at a society that rigorously demands emotional servitude.

Anthony Morris, SBS, 20th October 2015

Edgy and surreal, peppered with rich deadpan absurdist moments, The Lobster, Jury Prize winner at Cannes offers a hilariously bizarre glance at contemporary mating habits.

In the near future singles check into The Hotel run by the tyrannical Olivia Colman - it's dance and interact but no masturbation with 45 days to find a genuine partner or they're transformed into an animal of their choice.

If lonely architect David (Colin Farrell) can't find a partner he wants to be a lobster. He tries the hotel dances and forays into The Woods to kill Loners but picking the heartless woman (Angelika Papoulia) was a disaster and the man with the limp (Ben Whishaw) and the man with the lisp (John C. Reilly) are only so so pals. David seeks happiness and that's his problem so it's escape into The Woods, obey the Loner's rebel Leader (Lea Seydoux) and fall in love with the previously unseen narrator Rachel Reisz which breaks the rules.

The cast are terrific, The Hotel's spot on but as it moves into The Woods it stretches itself and fumbles somewhat for ideas. Bizarre, absurdly funny, off-the-wall. This is the age of Tinder dating.

Clive Botting, The Huffington Post, 16th October 2015

The Lobster review

Ultimately, The Lobster is fascinating, funny, but a little under-cooked.

Demetrios Matheou, The Arts Desk, 16th October 2015

The Lobster -- film review

Yorgos Lanthimos's fim is an off-kilter marvel, combining romance, comedy and surrealism.

Danny Leigh, The Financial Times, 15th October 2015

The Lobster - video review

Xan Brooks, Henry Barnes and Peter Bradshaw review Dogtooth director Yorgos Lanthimos's new satire, set in a world in which single people must couple-up or risk being turned into an animal. The Lobster, which features an ensemble cast including Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Ben Whishaw, John C Reilly and Léa Seydoux, is released in the UK on Friday 16 October.

Xan Brooks, Henry Barnes and Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 15th October 2015

The Lobster review

This macabre drama, starring Rachel Weisz and Colin Farrell, about a hotel where single people must find a mate or be turned into a wild animal starts hilariously but loses its bite.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 15th October 2015