Journey Bound.

Journey Bound

New British comedy film in development. Stars Ford Kiernan, Clare Grogan, Sylvester McCoy, David Newman, Kenny Boyle and Caitlin Blackwood.

Journey Bound

A young career-driven lawyer has to see the error in his ways as he chases the love of his life through the Highlands of Scotland

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Ford Kiernan, Clare Grogan, Sylvester McCoy, David Newman, Kenny Boyle and Caitlin Blackwood
Ryan Hendrick, Clare Sheppard and Phylippa Mayes
Ryan Hendrick
David Newman

Nick has ambitious ideas of becoming a world class lawyer. Although he's still a hard working clerk. Collecting mail, writing reports and making the coffee. He is so desperate to impress at work that he often neglects his fiancée Karen. Our story opens with Nicki running late to meet Karen (again). She's off to the most northern point on th Scottish mainland for an orientation course before sailing to the Arctic Circle for two years to further her own career in Environmental Research. Karen is convinced that Neil doesn't see her as an equal any more and they have drifted too far apart to last.

Fighting to get home through the daily commute, Nick catches and inadvertantly saves a car thief trying to steal his car. Held up by paramedics, police and television news crews, he end the night with no fiance, no transport and no hope. Cutting her loses, Karen has left for the Arctic with her new friend and colleague Holly, a ditsy Canadian with a cavalier attitude toward men.

Nick's only hope is the "big gesture". Chase Karen to the ends of the earth with his irritating cousin Del and his 'unique' transportation. Will they arrive in time? Will it be enough? and will Nick survive the journey?

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