How I Won The War. Lieutenant Ernest Goodbody (Michael Crawford). Copyright: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
How I Won The War

How I Won The War

  • 1967 film

Absurdist anti-war comedy starring Michael Crawford as a hopeless lieutenant in the Second World War. Also features John Lennon, Roy Kinnear, Lee Montague, Jack MacGowran, Michael Hordern and more.

Cast & crew credits

Michael Crawford Lieutenant Ernest Goodbody
John Lennon Gripweed
Roy Kinnear Clapper
Lee Montague Transom
Jack MacGowran Juniper
Michael Hordern Grapple
Jack Hedley Melancholy Musketeer
Karl Michael Vogler Odlebog
Ronald Lacey Spool
James Cossins Drogue
Ewan Hooper Dooley
Alexander Knox American General
Robert Hardy British General
Sheila Hancock Mrs Clapper's Friend
Charles Dyer Flappy-Trousered Man
Bill Dysart Paratrooper
Paul Daneman Skipper
Peter Graves Staff Officer
Jack May Toby
Richard Pearson (as Richard Person) Old Man At Alamein
Pauline Taylor Woman In Desert
John Ronane Operator
Norman Chappell Soldier At Alamein
Bryan Pringle Reporter
Fanny Carby Mrs Clapper
Dandy Nichols 1st Old Lady
Gretchen Franklin 2nd Old Lady
John Junkin Large Child
John Trenaman Driver
Mick Dillon 1st Replacement
Kenneth Colley 2nd Replacement
Writing team
Patrick Ryan Writer
Charles Wood Writer (Adapted By)
Production team
Richard Lester Director
Richard Lester Producer
Denis O'Dell Associate Producer
John Victor Smith Editor
John Stoll Production Designer
Philip Harrison Production Designer
James Liggat (as James Liggatt) Casting Director
David Watkin Director of Photography
Dinah Greet Costume Designer
Ken Thorne Composer
Pepe Lopez Rodero 1st Assistant Director

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