Happy New Year, Colin Burstead. Copyright: BBC.

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

2018 British comedy film set at New Year. Stars Neil Maskell, Hayley Squires, Sam Riley, Marvin Maskell, Joe Cole and others.

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Ben Wheatley interview

The cult Brit director on his new film airing on BBC 2 and making a movie without violence.

Lou Thomas, Den Of Geek, 30th December 2018

Seasonal shenanigans of a different sort course through Ben Wheatley's new film Happy New Year, Colin Burstead, a nightmarish vision of familial disharmony starring Kill List's Neil Maskell as the eponymous host of a New Year's Eve get-together that starts going pear-shaped before his extended family even get through the door of the Downton Abbey-style heritage home he's rented for them. Hayley Squires, Charles Dance, Bill Paterson and Doon Mackichan are among the top-notch cast Wheatley has assembled to play Colin's squabbling relatives, but it's Sam Riley's appearance as the black sheep of the family that pushes everyone ever closer to the edge, particularly Colin, whose beleaguered, unappreciated effort to honour his family ties feels like an apt representation of the chaos of Brexit-era Britain.

Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 30th November 2018

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead review

This is an entertaining powder-keg of a film, but one that won't disappear after it's blown.

Andrew Young, Nouse, 17th October 2018

BBC buys new Ben Wheatley film for Christmas broadcast

BBC Two has acquired acclaimed director Ben Wheatley's new feature film for broadcast on television over Christmas, rather than a cinema release. The characters will later return in a full length TV series.

British Comedy Guide, 10th September 2018