Greed. Sir Richard McCreadie (Steve Coogan). Copyright: Film4.


2020 British comedy film about a billionaire. Stars Steve Coogan, David Mitchell, Isla Fisher, Asa Butterfield, Dinita Gohil and others.

Press Clippings

Greed - The Devil is in the retail

Told in mockumentary style flashbacks, we see Coogan's McCreadie making his way in the fashion world and declaring his shops 'dreadful' using various obscenities.

Jazzy Janey, A Dose Of David Mitchell, 2nd March 2020

Film review: Greed

Despite the censoring, Greed gets its message across, and leaves you thinking about it a long time after you walk out of the cinema - food for thought indeed.

Rhianna Evans, The Comedy Blog, 28th February 2020

Film review: Greed

Satire sowing the rise and fall of a high street fashion gladiator. Remind you of anyone?

Adam Zawadzki, The Edinburgh Reporter, 26th February 2020

Film reviews: Greed

Steve Coogan and Michael Winterbottom largely manage to balance finger-wagging with rib-tickling in Greed, which explores the life and business of an amoral billionaire.

Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 24th February 2020

Review: Greed

The film isn't subtle in its approach; on the contrary, it goes in with all guns blazing and neatly obliterates its chosen targets.

Philip Caveney, Bouquets & Brickbats, 23rd February 2020

Greed review

Michael Winterbottom's comedy drama opens with a scene of Caroline Flack, the late television presenter, handing over a big cheque to the wealthy wife of a rich businessman while his poorly paid minions look on.

Alison Rowat, The Herald, 22nd February 2020

Greed review

Coogan shines as a deal-driving penny-pinching bully in this pointed satire.

BBC, 22nd February 2020

Review: Greed

As one wonders how much this film overlaps with Coogan and Winterbottom's upcoming Trip To Greece in terms of inspiration, one also wonders if the actor is keeping a little powder dry for his future #MeToo comedy-drama with Solemani on Channel 4.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 21st February 2020

Greed review

An entertaining but toothless takedown of one-percent avarice. With the arguable exception of Nick, none of the supporting characters gets enough love from the film to generate the kind of group sociological portrait Greed seems to intend.

John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter, 21st February 2020

Greed review

It's disturbing how comfortable Coogan looks within this repulsive creation.

Adam Sweeting, The Arts Desk, 21st February 2020