Entertaining Mr Sloane. Image shows from L to R: Ed (Alan Webb), Mr Sloane (Peter McEnery)
Entertaining Mr Sloane

Entertaining Mr Sloane

  • 1970 film

Dark comedy about a stranger entering the lives of a middle-aged brother and sister, while trying to disguise the truth about his past. Stars Beryl Reid, Harry Andrews, Peter McEnery and Alan Webb.

Press clippings

The subversive genius of Joe Orton

Fifty years ago the playwright Joe Orton was bludgeoned to death by his boyfriend at the peak of his career. What is Orton's legacy, and what would he have made of the strides towards equality made since his death by gay people in the UK?

Liam Barnes, BBC, 9th August 2017

Celebrating 50 years of Joe Orton & Mr Sloane

"I hope I've never written anything as bad as some of the early Shakespeare's," Joe Orton said shortly before he was murdered by his lover, Kenneth Halliwell, in 1967. It's a clip from an archive interview with the BBC, which I included in a piece for The Today Programme, marking the 50th anniversary of Orton's first stage play, Entertaining Mr Sloane.

Will Gompertz, BBC News, 27th June 2014

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